Something Beautiful

Sociologically speaking every culture has a different definition for the word beauty.  When flipping through my sociology textbook I came across a page with the title “different forms of beauty.”  On this page were pictures of women from 8 vastly unique countries, each face unrecognizable to the one beside it.  Every culture has designated some form of unreachable perfection to which every woman strives.  We all feel the pressure that we place on ourselves to be appealing to those around us.  Society has taught us to place beauty on our list of self-value.  Seven Billion dollars is spent annually in the United States on cosmetic products and procedures to help us reach this standard in which we have set.  A glance in the mirror shows us a few things we wish could be different.  A photograph seems to circle all of our imperfections and place them right under our nose.  There is hardly anything worse than standing in front of the mirror wondering if you should loose a few pounds, even if you are already considered underweight.  Trust me I’ve been there.  I always try to deny it.  I pretend that I don’t really have to look a certain way.  I say that I am who I am and I know who I am.  For the most part that is true, but why do I wake up some mornings and frown when I see my face in the fogged up mirror.  Why do I not want to eat that delicious soft serve in the cafeteria?  Why can’t I always believe that I am loved for who I am?  Why do I try to change myself for what society considers better?  Why?  The simple question is why do we do this to ourselves?  God loves us for who we are, we are more valuable to Him than we can imagine no matter what we look like.

Proverbs 31:30 says something that I tend to forget as I get caught up in the whirlwind known as being beautiful.  “Charm is deceptive, and beauty if fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”  When someone calls us beautiful we get butterflies in our stomachs, we feel praised, and we feel wonderful; but sometime down the paths of our lives that same person will not be so kind.  It is a cycle we get caught up in.  We feel a need to be praised, to be charmed by those around us.  But this charm that we seek is not always true, and it never lasts forever.    The charm does not last, nor does the beauty.  No matter how hard we try, we will never become the perfect model on the cover of a magazine.  The girl on the cover is not even the same girl as the one in front of the camera.  Beauty is fleeting; when we strive for it we waste our energies on something not important in the eye of God.  We should be the woman who “opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.” (Proverbs 31:20)  We should strive to be the woman whom “speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” (Proverbs 31:26)  We should be the woman who fears the Lord.  For Proverbs 31:31 says “Give her the reward she has earned and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.”  Though I often forget it, we are something beautiful.  God’s love is something beautiful.  Human charm and human beauty fade away.  But God’s charm and God’s beauty are everlasting.  That in its self is something beautiful.


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