Feminism is For Everyone

Feminism is for everyone.  No matter what you see or hear it is not just for liberals.  Sure, there are some topics that we will never see eye to eye on, but that is not the point.  There are nit picky issues that tell us we aren’t feminists.  Whether it is because we are pro-life, or because we wear purity rings, we have become alienated.  But here is the thing; women cannot better themselves if half of the gender is not behind the force.  The American Heritage Dictionary definition of feminism is “the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.”  Trust me, there is nothing wrong with this at all.  Who doesn’t want to earn the same amount as the man who has the same job?  Who doesn’t want to not have to worry about sexual harassment and rape?  These are the big grand issues- and these issues anyone can get behind.  Forget about the stuff you don’t agree with, and think about how much better certain aspects of feminism could make our society.  It is okay to pick and choose- we do this every day.  I am a romantic and a Christian to boot.  There are quite a few things I believe in whole-heartedly that rub against the feminist agenda.  But I am adding a new label to my list- feminist.  The point of being a feminist is to want to be equal to men- not dominant.  The world has enough dominance for all of eternity.  One of the most important issues that feminists need (and are trying) to tackle, is that of sexual assault. Women walk around this planet scared witless while most men are not even aware that their behavior scares us.  Some men even believe that even what is considered illegal is not wrong.  What are we doing letting our friends make comments, stand up for yourself- not only for your good but also for theirs! Men need to understand when they cross the line, because they can’t always see it.  Another issue feminist’s tackle is that of respect.  Lets face it, would you respect someone who did not respect herself?  Personally? Never.  If we want men to respect us, we need to show them, that we respect ourselves.  Lets be those princesses we wanted to be when we were little.  The kind that knew exactly who they were, and walked around with their head held high.  We need to be the kind of women God made us.  We can no longer hide behind our weaknesses.  Strength overshadows weakness- let you strengths show.  Lets go after our dreams, no matter our differences.


2 responses to “Feminism is For Everyone

  • seeherinthemovies

    I agree that according to the dictionary definition of “feminism,” we are all feminists if we want equality for the sexes. I definitely think that men should also become more involved and allowed to be called “feminists.”
    One of the best example of issues men can become part, as you pointed out, is rape. There is a growing number of men who are becoming more and more concerned with the issue, and want to put a stop to it. Why not call these men feminists? They’re fighting for equal rights for women too!

  • ginnylee349

    I think that society should see feminism in this sense. Society has created a divide, whether you believe with every topic of feminism or you aren’t a feminist at all. This discourages many women from supporting these topics, such as sexual assault and equality with men. I agree that these topics should be things that all people can agree upon. It is wrong that women aren’t paid enough for the same job as a man does, nor is it okay that so many women are sexually assaulted. Yet although I agree with these issues, I do not label myself a feminist because of how people view that particular group of people. If society would see feminism in the same light you do, there would be more success in their movement.

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