My Reflection of The Journey

As this blogging assignment has been coming to an end I have been looking back at my posts.  Through this process I have realized a few things.  First off, my purpose has varied.  In the beginning I set off to explain how God influences sociological issues.  However, as time passed I found it more influential to actually state what was on my mind.  Therefore, my purpose become more personal rather than sociological.  Secondly, because of this change there has been a small lack in academic research in my paper.  I began to discuss what was weighing on my heart and using only the bible as part of my research.  The bible is a credible resource, however, it is only one source.  The risk of having only one source is that it can remove credibility from my blog.  I was willing to take this risk because it was easier to get my emotional and religious views and pains across without excess sources.  My words came straight from my heart.  To me that raw belief and advice is much more important than the academic credibility.  This blog became more to me than just a school assignment.  I loved writing this because it became personal and because it could portray what I personally could not.  This is simply my heart, my wisdom, and my insecurities poured out in front of everyone who chooses to look.  Rhetorically I chose to make this personal yet academic.  I wanted it to be a place where women could learn from my mistakes, a place where I could teach and share what I had learned.  This was the thought behind every word placed down in each post.  My voice grew as I became more confident.  In the beginning I was almost hesitant to say what I believe.  Now, however, I just write.  My heart informs my brain, which tells my fingers what to type.  I desperately want to continue this journey.  It has affected my faith and my self-understanding in ways that I don’t know I can describe.  Thank you for this opportunity.  I never would have started this without the push this class gave me.  May God’s women be a force to reckoned with.

Stay Beautiful,

Love forever and always,



2 responses to “My Reflection of The Journey

  • healthylivesforwomen

    I think this is so interesting that you were able to recognize that you used it more as an outlet versus blogging about something “sociological.”
    I loved your blogs though and enjoyed reading them. I am so glad you were able to write more from your heart, and I could see it throughout your blog! Will you not be continuing to blog?

  • womenwithgod

    I think I will continue to blog simply because of how much it challenged me. I really enjoyed this process it was just so much fun!

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